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WFW has produced a number of publications and reports which can be found here.

Wales Biomass Market Assessment

The wood fuel industry in Wales has the potential to exploit increasing fossil fuel prices and government mechanisms for encouraging the generation of renewable heat and electricity which are creating a unique and growing market.
The aims of this study are to assess the current size of the wood fuel market, determine the location of the wood fuel demand, forecast the potential of this market over the next decade and identify factors that will affect it over the next decade.

View: Wales Biomass Market Assessment & Supply Factors

Warning Over High Moisture Content in Logs

Click HERE to read our press release from the Western Mail on 25th November 2014 regarding high water levels in logs sold as wood fuel from shops and garages across Wales.

2014 Firewood Quality Survey

The quality of firewood which is available for sale through garage forecourts in particular, but also some retail outlets such as convenience stores, supermarkets and DIY stores has recently been brought into question. There is concern that the firewood and kindling sold is not ready to burn and that consumers are not properly advised as to what they are purchasing, mainly due to lack of informative labelling and untrained retail staff.

This uncontrolled method of selling fuel is potentially giving rise to distrust in wood fuel and a bad public perception of the product.

Woodfuel Wales have conducted their own survey of 'retail firewood' purchased from sites throughout Wales to obtain a clear picture of the quality of product sold through these outlets, with the intention of identifying ways in which this situation could be improved.

View: Firewood Quality Survey 2014
View: Firewood Quality Survey 2014 - Autumn Press Release

Wood Fuel Guides

WFW Guides

A householder's guide to using wood fuel
English Version Welsh Version

A professionals guide to wood fuel heating
English Version Welsh Version

A landowners guide to managing woodlands for wood fuel
English Version Welsh Version

Wood Fuel Media Campaign

See these Press Releases from our 2012/13 media campaign.

Wales Forest Business Partnership Newsletter

WFW is supported by the Wales Forest Business Partnership (WFBP), a voluntary grouping of businesses and other organisations across the forestry sector.

You can view previous newletters here: Newsletters from the Wales Forest Business Partnership. These always include articles and information from Woodfuel Wales.

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