Wood Fuel Quality

Wood fuel quality standards give confidence to consumers that fuels are efficient and reliable and help them to understand how to get the best out of wood fuel.

Kiln drying firewood to below 20% moisture content

Kiln drying firewood to below 20% moisture content

To do justice to the amount of time, effort and investment you put in to your wood fuel systems it is important that consideration is also given to the quality of fuel that you burn. The most important feature of the wood fuel you buy is its moisture content. Always check that;
• Firewood logs are below 25% moisture content.
• Wood chip moisture content matches that specified by the boiler manufacturers.
• Wood pellets /briquettes, which are manufactured to a low moisture content, must be kept dry.

Other features to look out for that affect efficiency and safety include; is the length of log or size specification of wood chip consistent and compatible with your stove/boiler, is the wood fuel contaminated by paints, oils, varnishes etc., and has the condition of the wood started to deteriorate.

If you burn high moisture content wood, this could happen to your flue: Hall of Shame - Links to United Chimney Sweeps.

Woodfuel Wales is leading the way in helping wood fuel processing and retailing businesses in Wales and the Marches to produce quality products, delivered with a quality service.

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We encourage all our producers to work towards quality certification and have developed a close relationship with the HETAS Quality Assured Fuel (QAF) scheme. All of our members have access to our Woodfuel Wales Quality Assurance Manual which we created as a tool for our firewood producing members to help them develop their businesses and work to high standards.


HETAS are the official body recognised by Government to approve biomass and solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses.

HETAS share with Woodfuel Wales a commitment towards the production of high quality wood fuel. Low moisture wood will burn efficiently thus saving money and safeguarding against damage to appliances and chimneys caused by burning wet wood. In recognition of these problems HETAS have developed an assurance scheme to certify wood fuels. The scheme is called the Quality Assured Fuel QAF (Previously called Solid Biomass Assurance Scheme SBAS) and has been formulated in accordance with European wood fuel STANDARDS.


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